Shibori - An Experiment

Textile | Dyeing

Personal Project

June 2017

During the summer, I tried my hands on textiles and dyes. Indigo being my favourite, I played with fabrics like cotton and kota doria, to achieve various patterns of Shibori. An age old Japanese dyeing technique, using methods like folding, stitching, binding of the cloth to produce patterns. As a part of a self initiated project, I came up with several different shibori patterns, on cloth out of which I got Kurtas and scarves stitched. Also experimented with colors like magenta, green, yellow, to understand colour combinations.

Whispering Blossoms:
Patchwork of Techniques

Textile | Experimental 

Studio Project

September 2018

Moodboards reflect our inspiration and emotions. Taking que from the concept of a moodboard and weaving in my love for flowers, I produced a colourful and vivid, square 1 metre cloth. It is showcased as a patchwork cloth piece. As a part of an experimental textile course, I learnt several new techniques like, Stenciling, Screen Printing, Monoprinting, Cyanotyping. The colors used are bright and complement each other.