Hush. Wilt

Poetry | Haiku | Grief | Loss

Studio Project

April 2018

“Matsuo Basho’s famous haiku is a profound meditation on the power of, poetry to express the inexpressible and convey unspoken eloquence, that is silence.”


Hush, Wilt is an artist book, carefully and patiently woven together to explore the idea of silence through stages of grief. Understanding how silence holds the memory of a loved one, where memory-like narrative is constructed around it’s own blind spots and silences. 

The book is constructed of haikus and illustrations, where words and letters hold a deeper meaning, for the reader to extract his/her own emotions. Only those who seek for it will understand. Inspired by a vivid concept of ‘visual/illustrated Poetry,’ the book has layers illustrations stitched on organza. The sheerness of the material, brings out a sense of vulnerability during one’s stage of grief. As an artist I wanted to portray silence echoing through the whole book. It’s representative of a journal which holds the small memories/moments that the author feels were poignant and held deep silences. The form and content are interdependent. Threadwork illustrations talk about the patience and silent process of it’s own. It was a whole intimate process. “Hush,Wilt” depict the silent falling of the petals, to renew and replenish the own self. It’s a silent harmony of words, and illustrations inspired from flowers, gestures, memories.