IBM and Diamler

Design Research, User Experience and Visual Design


January- August 2021

Design Research

Working at MBRDI towards a sustainable and greener future.

Mercedes-Benz R&D India (MBRDI), based in Bengaluru, was established in 1996 as a captive unit to support Daimler's research, information technology, and product development activities. The idea is to support existing measures to consistently increase efficiency and lower fixed costs in order to achieve the goal of going all electric and more sustainable by 2030.

To understand and implement new functionalities, the research required continuous collaboration with a team of management consultants, back-end and front-end engineers, programmers, subject matter experts, business partners, and clients. I participated in regular research and brainstorming calls with users to gather feedback and understand the issues they were having with the product and dashboards.

User Experience Designer

I learned how to review products against overall business goals, objectives, KPIs, and benchmark data in multidisciplinary teams. The process included research with end users and stakeholders to ensure that we evolve a service that delights and exceeds expectations.

I created an effective visual design as well as methods for converting user and enhancement requests into product features. This included developing workflows, low-fidelity prototypes, incorporating research findings, and revising designs.

Agile Workflows

Co-designing in Multidisciplinary Teams

Feedback Sessions across Borders