Marketing Intern at Penguin Random House, India





Summer Internship

May - June 2018

I have grown up reading books from the house of Ladybird and Puffin, which are part of this brilliant family of Penguin Random House. Its’ always been an ultimate dream to work at this prestigious firm. A summer, dreamlike internship at the world’s leading publication, Penguin Random House provided me with a great platform to enhance my creative personality, this experience will enrich me of the advanced skills, and sharpen my learning with maximum finesse. As a marketing intern for Puffin Books (children book section), I got a chance to create marketing creatives like bookmarks, standees, invites, posters. Working on multiple projects, I gave me room to explore my skill set, and understand how layouts and potent graphics affect the audience. It was inspiring to see books were developed, step by step a speck of inspiration, imagination and possibilities of how young minds can bring a difference in this world. I strive to represent my thoughts as illustrations, and engaging writing in diverse printable forms, for the world to read and appreciate.