Secure Himalaya

Ethnography, Communication Strategy, Oral Community Culture, Securing Sustainable Livelihoods, Documentary Film-Making, Field Recording

Srishti Films, United Nation Development Programme & Global Environment Fund

July-October 2019

Himalayan landscape is home to a magnificent yet elusive species of the Snow Leopard. With a keen interest to conserve this flagship species, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) with support from the Global Environment Facility(GEF), have

joined hands to develop a project in the high altitude Himalayas entitled “Secure Himalayas.” The project aims at securing livelihoods, restoration of high range Himalayan ecosystem, conservation and sustainable use and development. The vast landscape of the Trans Himalayan range is a cornucopia of rituals, practices, traditional knowledge, myths, communities, teeming flora and fauna.


As a Research Associate, I worked closely with the stakeholders and as a collaborative process, formed the Inception workshop in Shimla to hold discourse over this subject with the stakeholders and spread awareness.

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Journal Entries from the Field


Conducting Inquiry methods at the Field with a Pangwali Woman in Pangi, Himachal Pradesh. It is imperative to understand how landscapes are extensively meaningful in choreographing of identities, local practices and gathering of cultural and traditional knowledge.

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As a part of the communication strategy, these screen-printed bags with Kinnauri fabric

motifs were designed and gifted to all the partipants and stakeholders that attended the

Secure Himalaya Inception Workshop.

The Inception Workshop encouraged conversations and participation of stakeholders and developmental agencies. (Shimla, India - 9th Sept 2019)