I am a social entrepreneur and designer who specializes in using strategic design thinking to innovate and create solutions. My Practice is defined as human-centered, contextualized, and impact-driven.


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Beijing Institute of Technology established the "International College Student Innovation Practice Design Award" in 2021 to promote the development of practical design education, enhance academic exchanges and communication of design students, and commend outstanding student design works from global innovative practises. The award was organised by the School of Design and Art Planning and implemented by the International Design Center of the School of Design. 

PDIA 2021 received a total of 1609 valid works from 15 different countries, including Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. Following a two-month evaluation period, 12 excellent awards, six bronze awards, three silver awards, and one gold award were announced.

The award list can be found here.


"Have a clear vision and let the direction unfold organically."

"From Wonder to the World" explored my role as a designer who seeks to question the status quo on today's most pressing issues. My sole motivation is to strengthen communities. Deeply emotional, eclectic, and persuasive, I seek to reclaim the larger context and realities, making voices heard and having an impact. As an avid conversationalist and patient listener, I draw inspiration from the extraordinary lives and stories of the people I meet.

TEDx Youth, Baner, 18th October 2020


Recent Projects

Immersion in the field and experimentation with various creative practises, imagination, critical thinking, and engagement support in the discovery of opportunities. Working with communities and organisations in complex and sensitive environments has allowed me to gain a better understanding of emerging resilience and to promote co-designing techniques.


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